Development of online gambling in Australia. PANDEMIC AND ITS IMPACT ON INDUSTRY

In connection with the new realities of today’s world, the laws on land-based gambling clubs and bookmakers have completely changed.

Having come to terms with the new Covid-19 isolation rules, people are very upset and seek salvation on the Internet.

While online betting on horse racing, sports and other legalized events is still permitted throughout Australia, online betting is not strictly regulated (Interactive Gambling Act 2001)

Dramatic changes in the industry.

 This week in the US, FOX Bet reported that the number of new players in online gambling clubs and poker exchanges has increased several times!

The Israeli organization Optimove reported that the number of online poker games increased by 43%, and the number of people playing online poker and slot machines increased by 225%, which is interesting compared to the period before Covid-19.

What restrictions will affect the operation of online gambling clubs?

In the UK, the BBC reported on 20 May 2020 that the latest information from Google Trends indicates an increase in UK online clubs. Since the beginning of the quarantine, it has achieved unprecedented growth. But there is a problem that haunts the government – it keeps track of the number of troubles among the population.

The Australian Gambling Commission said the development of online betting has expanded, but so far there is no evidence of an increase in betting problems. Regardless, people from the UK Betting and Gambling Council recently decided to exclude all ads, shows, radio ads for a month and a half due to Covid-19, if agreed, it will run day after day from May 7th to May … five …

This deliberate restriction is required by the Advertising Standards FDA and Advertising Practice Committee in March to prevent online bookmakers from using advertising services during isolation. During the quarantine, it is necessary to reduce the level of irritation of the population by oversaturation of advertising. This will be done by lawmakers who control the gaming industry during the Covid-19 restrictions.

Development of novelties in the field of betting

In Australia, dog sledding has shown how strong people’s desire can be to place a bet, at least on any event, even if it is impossible to be present in person.

After the destruction or closure of most of the significant gaming alliances across the planet, interest has now shifted to unique events that are still dynamic. People are ready to place bets even on such minor games as, for example, Russian hockey, the North Tajikistan Basketball Cup, Japanese tennis, football in Belarus, the Ukrainian Table Tennis Cup, races in Nicaragua.

The entertainment, news and sports betting sectors are booming on the Internet.

Australian betting specialists are increasingly expanding their participation and becoming available in the news markets. More intriguing elements have been included recently, such as betting on unrecorded TV shows like Lego Masters Australia, climatic conditions including temperatures above or below expected daytime temperatures in capitals, the launch of the Hot 100 Triple J, positive and negative quarterly increases and decreases in real estate, quarterly information from the Australian Bureau of Statistics or who will be the Nobel Peace Prize laureate, loan fee schemes and the shade of tie that Prime Minister Scott Morrison will wear to the next Q&A session. In general, now you can place bets on almost everything.

The rise of esports

Due to the large flow of information, it is difficult for bookmakers to determine exactly what players want to bet a large amount on. There are already classics, so to speak, top rates for dog sledding races. They bring a lot of enjoyment to the viewers and give a great advantage to the bookmakers as they are durable. This is especially true when compared to betting on unreported TV series results – they tend to have little impact on an administrator’s financial results.

Esports is another emerging betting industry that has exploded after the sport was shut down. Esports projections have skyrocketed since Pinnacle made its first bet in 2010, and now esports bets around the planet are around $ 13 billion a year.

Following the conclusion of live esports competitions, competition coordinators such as ESL were able to quickly move live broadcasts from a nearby organization to a remote online configuration. With the exception of the large number of different traditional games currently being played, this makes esports more obvious when choosing the available bets.

Bookmakers need to understand the fate of their business and contact government agencies and controllers.

Epidemiologists in Australia and abroad have been warning of the Covid outbreak for quite some time now and say pandemics will continue.


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