Online Blackjack


The main aim is Blackjack is to obtain a hand totalling closer to 21 points than the dealer’s hand. If you exceed 21, you will lose (bust) and so will the dealer if he or she exceeds 21. If you both finish with the same value (for example 20 points), the game will end in a tie/push and you will receive your stake back. If the dealer reaches closer to 21 points than you, the dealer wins.

In blackjack, a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 and 10 are worth their face value in points. An ace can be worth either 1 point or 11 points and the royalty/face cards (Jack, Queen and King) are all worth 10 points. This means that if you have an Ace and a Jack, you automatically have the best hand (a Natural Blackjack), 10 + 11 = 21 points. The only way you could not win with this hand is if the dealer happens to end up with a similar two card hand totalling 21 points. Therefore the result would be tied.

At the start of a new game, all players (including the dealer) will be dealt to cards. You can then try to improve this hand by taking additional cards when it’s your turn or you can STAND with what you have and therefore take no more cards. It would be silly for example to take another card if you had 17 points, because anything higher than a 4 on your next card would result in you going BUST.

This is an exciting and fast paced card game. It is generally available at almost every online casino and it is also normally available in the real cash mode and in the free play mode. If you are looking to play on this game for the very first time, it would be a good idea to play a few hands in the practice mode.

You can generally place a bet from as little as $/€/£1.00 coin per hand. Many of today’s online casinos also now have Progressive Blackjack and you can find more than one different blackjack variety such as Pontoon, Face Up 21, Perfect Pairs, Blackjack Surrender, Atlantic City Blackjack, European Blackjack etc. plus you can also now find Multihand Blackjack where you can bet on up to five separate hands at a time.