Online Slots


Online Slots are possibly the most popular of all the casino games available online today. The main types of slots that you can find online today include Fruit Machines, Classic Slots, Video Slots, 3D Slots and Bonus Round Slots. Each software company also tends to label their slots into different categories as well, such as All Pays Slots, Win Both Ways Slots and Jackpot Slots, plus there are numerous other categories.

Learning how to play an online slot for the very first time is quite straight forward and this is probably why they tend to be so popular and abundant. All you really need to do is set your stake, choose how many paylines you would like to play with per spin (if has multiple winning paylines) and then hit spin.

Most spins last for about 2 seconds, but you can also increase the game speed either by double clicking the spin button or by turning off the animations. Some slots also allow you to hit the space bar to take a spin. If you decide to play on a multilined slot, you should always really play with the full amount of paylines active per spin. This means that you will never miss out on a win, but more importantly, you won’t miss out on any bonus features or jackpot bonus rounds.

There are currently more than 2000 online slot machines in existence today and the majority of online casinos that we have reviewed on this site contain well over 200 individual slot machines, especially the Microgaming casinos.

There are plenty of different slot themes to appeal to most players, for example there are plenty of action themed slots, love and romance themed slots, horror themed slots, sports themed slots, marvel super hero themed slots, science fiction theme slots, lucky Irish themed slots, Egyptian themed slots, and so on.

Online slots are available instantly via flash casino platforms and also from within casino download clients and most slots today (apart from progressive jackpot slot machines) can be played in the real cash mode and in the free play demo mode and the great thing for players is that new slots are being released on almost a weekly basis.